A Realistic Shiva Tattoo by Artist Niloy Das

A tattoo on a person isn’t easy to graft.  Especially when it’s going to be a permanent thing for life. Probably a human body is the toughest canvas to work on and the toughest challenge for an artist to work on it knowing that there is no chance of undoing the strokes he make. But when we find a client like Debjit life becomes easy like anything. Debjit came to us with a vision and full trust on our artist. He came in with a wish of getting a tattoo of lord Shiva portrait. Our Lead Artist Niloy Das got the chance to make a story on him. He created Lord Shiva with all aspects open for Debjit to inspire himself. With a much more highlight on the snake over the closed eye and emitting 3rd eye of Lord Shiva which symbolizes a state of consciousness with alertness, knowledge, wisdom. On a body position like shoulder and upper sleeve where we carry our power, pride and responsibility this mixed art form will boost up our client forever. It gives us immense pleasure and satisfaction as the key service provider. We feel content when we see the glowing vision and appraisal from our client. A Realistic Shiva Tattoo by Artist Niloy Das

About the Artist: Niloy Das, he is the only tattoo artist from India and 6th in Asia who got featured by CHEYENNE HAWK (Germany), USA/CANADA based tattoo magazine called URBAN INK, UK based tattoo magazine named Total Tattoo Magazine and Tätowier Magazin a German magazine . He is an internationally experienced tattoo artist who has worked at many places like Germany, Austria, London, Thailand and many more.
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