We are  Lizard’s Skin Tattoos and the name has been derived from couple of philosophies. In August, 2010  the journey started, by then we had no pause and known to be the most happening and best tattoo studio in Kolkata, with a team of more than 10 experienced members, we proudly can announce Lizard’s Skin as the medium for changing some orthodox minds in the city of joy.

Lizard’s Skin is one among the finest and best tattoo studio in India with our senior artist/ founder Niloy Das who has tattooed globally in the aim of changing the traditional & biased minds who believe in artists practicing abroad. We are stacked with experienced managers and artists who can guide and draw your dreams out on skin which is just one time canvass and we can not afford to play with. Lizard’s Skin Tattoos are always focussed on the most important factors like Hygiene and Artwork and with these factors we assure you are at the right place.