Prithwiraj Acharya

P3Raj, as Kolkata tattoo industry and rest know this gentle giant, Prithwiraj has really set his own genre/trend of tattoo in very short time. Started drawing and painting from the very tender age he molded up himself as an artist who can work in multiple art genres. With a natural attraction and love towards tattoo art, he joined as an apprentice under the founder/owner/head artist of Lizards Skin Tattoos Mr. Niloy Das, in a short period of time he evolved with versatility in many types/genre of tattoos. With his unique nature of reading client’s mind and thought and expressing it on the skin, he becomes one of the best in the industry.

As he says,

“For me painting is meditation and as a crazy lover of tattoo artistry, I found it pretty challenging to express my passion on my clients skin. So I joined Lizard’s Skin Tattoos as an apprentice under Mr. Niloy Das. As they says working with or under the best of the industry makes you more perfect and focused towards your goal. From Niloy I learned every aspect of tattooing. I love to do water colour style tattoo, Black and grey tattoo, trash and hatching work and last but not the least I love to do traditional and oriental work I like to do most. Our studio stands on our hard and ethical work. We strictly maintain hygiene and we always passionately create original artwork for the clients to give them an exclusive feeling.”