Punam Barua Das

Punam Barua Das was born in the year 1988.

She has been exposed to many countries since childhood days due to her dad’s transferable job. She grew up in western culture and this reason made her build the interest towards their lifestyle. She came across people with different looks that we call taboo in India. Since childhood she had a keen interest towards the fashion and glamorous world especially into hair styling.

In the year 2011 she came across Niloy Das the man behind lizard’s Skin Tattoos and he inspired her to carry forward her dream that she always dreamt of. With his support she took the sudden jump into the industry practicing every single day to master the art of dreadlocks and hair wrapping and after years of practice and perfection she is known to be the only and best dreadlocks and hair wrapping artist in kolkata. Though much people are not aware of the trend here but she is trying hard every day to educate people in this field. With this initiative lizards skin is known as the only studio doing hair wrapping and dreadlocks in Kolkata.