Rocky Hela

Rocky ‘funnybone’ Hela !! You meet him like a storm, get blasted with craziest ideas of life and make a great friend but end of everything you will get some outstanding and unique tattoo artwork from him. A happy go lucky person who has full of life and he has forever hunger towards food as well as relentless passion towards his own artwork. Behind his pranks and tricks, there is a visionary artist with a great capability of understanding the clients choice and come up with outstanding ideas.  He started drawing, sketching and painting at a very tender age and started doing tattoos at a very young age.

He says,

“Tattoo is a passion of my life. I don’t know anything else apart from tattooing.  TV Shows like Miami Ink motivated me a lot to get into tattooing. When I started my career, it was my dream one day I will work under Mr. Niloy Das of Lizard’s Skin Tattoos. Before joining lizards skin tattoos I was traveled to many cities in India like Lucknow, Kanpur Mumbai, goa and many more places. I love to do realism, abstract, Mandala art and black and grey tattoo work. I am learning many more tattoo styles from the whole lizard’s skin team. We do teamwork here and we help each other with their techniques and then their tattooing style. We are family and enjoys working together.”