Satish Dorwaker

At first, you won’t even feel his presence. But once you share your concept with him you will feel like the ideas are unveiling layer by layer.  In the end, any small or big idea will be converted to a spectacular artwork with a cheerful splash of color blasts. This is Satish, the color bank from Pune. A person of few words, soft and gentle spoken artist who is proudly confident about his ancestral heritage of tattooing. His artworks are not just art but he loves to present his work as a story or poem. A genuine art and music lover Satish covers many genres of the tattoo with a passion for doing watercolor and abstract type tattoos.

He says,

“I am from Pune. I have started tattooing about four years back. I believe everyone has a story to tell, everyone is a writer. Some are conventional, they write on pages and some others like me essay stories on the skin. Tattooing was never new to me, as my ancestors used to do tattoos also called gondna. I like to do watercolor, Abstract & Black and grey style of tattoos. Since the time I started tattooing, I knew Niloyda as one of the best tattoo artists in India and always wanted to work with him. It’s like a dream come true and I am in Lizard’s Skin today working with one of the legends. It’s an honor to work with him. Its an amazing experience working with lizard’s Skin team. I am learning something new every day from everyone. Digging more than the art I have learned about a lot of small things which will definitely help me be a better human being. I thank Punam Di for being the backbone for us all.“