Cherry Blossom Flower Tattoo by Niloy

Cherry Blossom Flower Tattoo by Niloy Das

As a common human being we all love nature. Our big world is full of innumerable number of beautiful things loaded around us. The nature is full of such wonderful things watching only which we feel so full and content.  But there are few people among us who really feel so closed and feel attached with the nature they really stand out of the mass.

One of them is our client Antje. He loves cherry blossoms and wanted the fore arm to be covered with such flowers. A cherry blossom is the flower tree currently widely distributed, especially in the temperate zone of the Northern Hemisphere including Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China, West Siberia, Iran, Pakistan, India, Canada, and the United States.

Our artist Niloy Das created this beautiful black and grey cherry blossom flower motif which suits the body part beautifully. The first session was during the 3rd day at Frankfurt Tattoo Convention 2016 and was completed after a month. Mostly healed and a lot of freehand work with Squidster pens, the best tattoo markers.

Artist: Niloy Das

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