Colourful Hair Wrap done in Kolkata….artist Punam Barua Das

Client wanted to get a colourful hair wrap from us…so our artist came up with these colours adding some different types of beads to it. After completing the hair wrap client got so excited that she planned for another one..Happy client happy us 🙂

About the Artist: Punam Barua Das, started her own at Lizard’s Skin Tattoos. She started her dreadlock journey in September 2013. Lizard’s Skin Tattoos is the only place in Kolkata, West Bengal where dreadlocks and Hair Wrappings are done. We want to spread the truth about dreadlocks and educate people about the stereotypes surrounding them so that they can see the true beauty and freedom that comes with having dreadlocks!!

Lizard’s Skin Fashion Studio
Opp. South City Mall, !st Floor of Central Bank
03340644513, 9051238122
India, Kolkata

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