The Hamsa Hand | Hand of God Tattoo

The Hamsa Hand Tattoo by Niloy Das of Lizard's Skin Tattoos

We often get scared of getting a tattoo on our skin. We keep thinking about the pain and stress while getting it and consider it a big deal. unfortunately many don’t think about the subject which is going to be grafted on our skin. In reality the subject of a tattoo is a real big deal before getting it. As professional we always want our client to come with a clear vision of the subject of tattoo. when someone comes with a very inspirational motive our job becomes easier. Sometimes there are many thing when we see in front of us brings us strength of mind, brings us hope and motivation. The Hamsa Hand represents the Hand of God. In all faiths it is a protective sign. It brings its owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune and the eye is believed to contain specific powers. Our artist Niloy Das put all the ideas in one single pattern ornamental pattern so that the different ideas should look like one single subject and look complete. The client went out with a finest level of satisfaction.

Artist: Niloy Das

Lizard’s Skin Fashion Studio

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