Hare Krishna Mantra – by Prithwiraj

Hare Krishna Matra by Prithwiraj ar Lizards Skin Tattoos

The human mind is always searching some power booster for the mind from where they get to rejuvenate the mind. All around the world in every cast, creed and religion people seek something to boost up the inner power. It comes in many forms like worshipping, doing some particular exercise, come physical activities or chanting. As to concentrate on any subject repeated recitation of any subject accumulates the mind power to fight against the obstacles. In Hindu belief, the Hare Krishna maha-mantra is one very popularly believed chanting which can be the great mind booster. Our client as a strong believer wanted to inscribe this maha-mantra on his arm.

A permanent representation of the maha-mantra chant in the form of tattoo is actually a very unique thought to express the faith and trust on the mantra. A deep expression of the love towards the supreme power is reflected in the artwork. This collaged artwork with the maha-mantra and significantly symbolic peacock feather from Lord Krishna’s turban created by our artist Prithwiraj with his own style.

About the Artist: P3Raj

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