Oriental Chest Tattoo by Artist Niloy Das

When a surface on a body becomes a canvas for an artist specially with a full liberty of creating anything it becomes a memorable event for the person who’s going to create. When a creation becomes free from any influences, when the creator has the full freedom on his thought process the result becomes something extraordinary. It’s a choice for every artists to work with full liberty on his creation no matter whatever the working medium is. But when it’s a tattoo on a human body part it becomes more challenging for the artist as well because making a tattoo is an art with point of no return. Even sometimes these situations pull out the best from artist. Our esteemed client and a good friend Sayan always loves what our artists do and he was ready to give full freedom to our artist. A good artist loves to work in this situation and always keep himself prepared to accept the challenge and when its going to decorate a friend’s body part what can be better than the Chinese guardian lion ‘Foo Dog’ who as per common belief is the protector from all bad and brings happiness and prosperity in !!! On the famous oriental tattoo pattern this design reflects the best! A protective and prosperity wish from a artist friend becomes a best return of the faith and belief  from our client friend. This amazing oriental chest tattoo by artist Niloy Das has been done at Goa Tattoo Convention, 2017 which still needs one more session to finish. A heartfelt thanks to Sayan for keep faith upon us. This tattoo was a continuation of the arm tattoo and the artist’s going to be added more elements to it.
About the Artist: Niloy Das, he is the only tattoo artist from India and 6th in Asia who got featured by CHEYENNE HAWK (Germany), USA/CANADA based tattoo magazine called URBAN INK, UK based tattoo magazine named Total Tattoo Magazine and Tätowier Magazin a German magazine . He is an internationally experienced tattoo artist who has worked at many places like Germany, Austria, London, Thailand and many more.
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