Ornamental Sleeve Tattoo by Niloy Das

Ornamental Hand Sleeve Tattoo by Niloy Das

Happiness comes to us in a different way. Sometimes we cannot imagine or speculate where what amount of happiness is saved for us. Life takes us on a ride of surprises which ends up immense pleasure or happiness. Our cautious mind always keeps us alert from receiving good thing but we over alertness keeps us away from getting more good things.

Such things happen with Mausumi, one of our very special client/ friend. When she requested for a small tattoo from our artist, she never knew that what surprises await her at the end. As he starts from a minimum size he designed it on his own way she surprised for the first time, she has a fair complexion so when the artist put a full colored ornamental design on her it was full of surprise for her. Luckily she also planned the international Nepal convention trip just a day after the tattoo and this piece were showcased so guess what? This tattoo won the best small color tattoo in the convention. Happy Mousumi happy us… that’s the reward to us.

Artist: Niloy Das

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