Owl Tattoo – by Rocky Hela

Owl Tattoo - by Rocky Hela | Lizard's Skin Tattoos

Somewhere somehow inside us, an artist resides. We may not create something new or unique. But many times we are capable of connecting our situation with a relatively symbolism form of art. It can be any subject but it relates our situation and emotion. Representation of our true emotions inscribing on our body through a form of art is a very beautiful thing by nature.

The client came with a heavy heart after losing someone very close with a desire of something memorial yet symbolism. Our artist Rocky comes up with this idea of Owl and skull tattoo at Nepal Tattoo Convention 2018. Owl represents wisdom and knowledge as well as owl believed to be the ‘angel of death’ and believed to guide or carry recently-departed souls to the underworld. Also, skull tattoo designs could symbolize that the person has accepted their own mortality. Another symbol of these tattoos is that they are a constant reminder that everyone will do one die and should always live each day to the fullest. The combined idea created a complete upper sleeve tattoo which was the most desired thing for the client that time.

About the Artist: Rocky ‘funnybone’ Hela

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