Poison Ivy Tattoo by Niloy at Frankfurt Convention

Poison Ivy Tattoo By Niloy at Frankfurt Tattoo Convention

A tattoo is something which doesn’t have any point of return. It is forever. We always suggest that one must think over several times before getting a tattoo on them. The subject along with the righteously chosen body part is an equally important factor while getting a tattoo. While choosing a subject for a tattoo sometimes someone’s overthinking may ruin the subject.

Choosing over a subject Stefen had the plan of getting just the poison ivy leaves on his sleeve, the consultation with the artist made him think over it and this was planned. A right consultation with a good artist can always change your total vision over the subject and finally, the entire artwork plan can come up with a very attractive, unique and equally visually beautiful and appealing subject.

The artist embedded the fictional comic book character  ‘poison Ivy’ along with the leaves and flower. Which has given a completeness to the sleeve work on the client. The colors are all healed added the background during the last session. The first session was done at Frankfurt tattoo convention 2016. Please share if you like it.

Artist: Niloy Das

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