Realistic Raven Tattoo by Artist Niloy Das

Everyday around us we find so may peoples who always amaze us. We are grateful to our life for what we get, grateful for our abilities to live, struggle and thrive on. But when someone’s disability put a challenge in front of him but he overcome everything with ease we salute him. He becomes a motivator for many. But sometime he himself need some motivation also. He has been fighting since he was born, a tough guy but striving through everyday with his physical disabilities like a true fighter but one of the sweetest client ever. And such person find his motivation themselves from nature. Raven is what he likes as first and foremost, the Raven is known as a trickster, a thinker, and a strategist. There’s no plot or tight situation that he can’t formulate a way out of. In no other culture are ravens more respected and revered than in the Native American tradition. We are extremely happy with the fact is this Realistic Raven Tattoo by Artist Niloy Das put a big smile on his face.

About the Artist: Niloy Das, he is the only tattoo artist from India and 6th in Asia who got featured by CHEYENNE HAWK (Germany), USA/CANADA based tattoo magazine called URBAN INK, UK based tattoo magazine named Total Tattoo Magazine and Tätowier Magazin a German magazine . He is an internationally experienced tattoo artist who has worked at many places like Germany, Austria, London, Thailand and many more.
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