Hare Krishna Mantra – by Prithwiraj

Hare Krishna Matra by Prithwiraj ar Lizards Skin Tattoos

The human mind is always searching some power booster for the mind from where they get to rejuvenate the mind. All around the world in every cast, creed and religion people seek something to boost up the inner power. It comes in many forms like worshipping, doing some particular exercise, come physical activities or chanting. As to concentrate on any subject repeated recitation of any subject accumulates the mind power to fight against the obstacles. In Hindu belief, the Hare Krishna maha-mantra is one very popularly believed chanting which can be the great mind booster. Our client as a strong believer wanted to inscribe this maha-mantra on his arm.

A permanent representation of the maha-mantra chant in the form of tattoo is actually a very unique thought to express the faith and trust on the mantra. A deep expression of the love towards the supreme power is reflected in the artwork. This collaged artwork with the maha-mantra and significantly symbolic peacock feather from Lord Krishna’s turban created by our artist Prithwiraj with his own style.

About the Artist: P3Raj

Poison Ivy Tattoo by Niloy at Frankfurt Convention

Poison Ivy Tattoo By Niloy at Frankfurt Tattoo Convention

A tattoo is something which doesn’t have any point of return. It is forever. We always suggest that one must think over several times before getting a tattoo on them. The subject along with the righteously chosen body part is an equally important factor while getting a tattoo. While choosing a subject for a tattoo sometimes someone’s overthinking may ruin the subject.

Choosing over a subject Stefen had the plan of getting just the poison ivy leaves on his sleeve, the consultation with the artist made him think over it and this was planned. A right consultation with a good artist can always change your total vision over the subject and finally, the entire artwork plan can come up with a very attractive, unique and equally visually beautiful and appealing subject.

The artist embedded the fictional comic book character  ‘poison Ivy’ along with the leaves and flower. Which has given a completeness to the sleeve work on the client. The colors are all healed added the background during the last session. The first session was done at Frankfurt tattoo convention 2016. Please share if you like it.

Artist: Niloy Das

Ornamental Sleeve Tattoo by Niloy Das

Ornamental Hand Sleeve Tattoo by Niloy Das

Happiness comes to us in a different way. Sometimes we cannot imagine or speculate where what amount of happiness is saved for us. Life takes us on a ride of surprises which ends up immense pleasure or happiness. Our cautious mind always keeps us alert from receiving good thing but we over alertness keeps us away from getting more good things.

Such things happen with Mausumi, one of our very special client/ friend. When she requested for a small tattoo from our artist, she never knew that what surprises await her at the end. As he starts from a minimum size he designed it on his own way she surprised for the first time, she has a fair complexion so when the artist put a full colored ornamental design on her it was full of surprise for her. Luckily she also planned the international Nepal convention trip just a day after the tattoo and this piece were showcased so guess what? This tattoo won the best small color tattoo in the convention. Happy Mousumi happy us… that’s the reward to us.

Artist: Niloy Das

Cross with Wings Tattoo by Niloy Das

Cross with Wings Tattoo by Niloy Das

A tattoo is a permanent imprint on our body. So when we try to portray our nature to the world nothing can be better as a silent representation. As they say, swimming against the current needs big strength especially when someone has to go a long way to establish their belief with confidence and also who stand against all those who contradict the idea it needs great courage for them. There aren’t many things which symbolize the nature of such person righteously. More of it when sometimes religion makes a person suffocative with different harshness people need to come out of it.

To breathe, to feel free religiously. This Cross with wings generally symbolizes statement of religious freedom, this is a choice of tattoo for the people who have really strong personalities that fight for their beliefs and have the power to stand against those who contradict them, one must have great confidence in them to showcase the tattoo as to many people this might stand out to be a sin.

She came up with the idea and completely trusted the artist for the tattoo, this is how an original custom piece looks like, done with Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment, Inkbooster by DC Invention Company GmbH and definitely Squidster skin markers.

Artist: Niloy Das

Oriental Sleeve Tattoo by Artist Niloy Das

Every morning we wake up with a good hope of watching and listening about everything good and nice throughout the day. At Lizard Skin Tattoos Studio we start our day with determination of serving the best satisfactory experience to our clients. But sometime life put such challenge in front of us which seems difficult to overcome. Still with the best effort of our artists when we overcome the obstacle we found our artwork more meaningful than before.
This client of us entered studio with a hope. By natures grace he has a physical difficulty namely Vitiligo on his body. The one who is ‘suffering’ sometimes need to get rid off this and motivate himself. He chose such a great way out with the guidance of our Artist Mr. Niloy Das with this great full sleeve artwork. With a overall combined concept of Japanese and oriental art form this tattoo is full of elements like Koi fish, Pioni and Cherry blossom flowers, Japanese warrior mask with oriental cloud patterns. With the great use of colour the entire sleeve becomes a portrait which serves great enthusiasm and hope to our client, Oriental Sleeve Tattoo by Artist Niloy Das.
About the Artist: Niloy Das, he is the only tattoo artist from India and 6th in Asia who got featured by CHEYENNE HAWK (Germany), USA/CANADA based tattoo magazine called URBAN INK, UK based tattoo magazine named Total Tattoo Magazine and Tätowier Magazin a German magazine . He is an internationally experienced tattoo artist who has worked at many places like Germany, Austria, London, Thailand and many more.
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