Gigantic Cover-up Tattoo

Gigantic cover up tattoo at lizard's skin tattoo studio

Life is full of surprises. We never know when something bad turn to good or vice versa. We all do mistakes in our life, we fall in love at a younger age and just go with the flow, and sometimes we start dreaming of something so deeply that we forgot the consequences. We love to think that relationships are forever. But with time every situation changes and we started realizing the mistakes. At the end, the mistakes keep us dementing and we keep on feeling sad about our mistakes. But in reality, a tattoo is forever only.

We always demotivate our clients of not getting names of their loved ones unless and until we believe its permanent, well nothing is permanent apart from tattoos. But jokes apart sometimes the cover-up becomes really a hard job and always doesn’t be the successful procedure like this case was a difficult but successful, keep in mind you always should think before you get inked.  Thanks for looking. Share if you like