Ornamental Anchor Tattoo by Artist Niloy Das

Among all other art form Tattoo is exclusively different than other. It has two distinctly different perspective. From the receiver end a tattoo is like a wearing an ornament with passion and respect to our body which eventually portrayed as a unique individual fashion statement. But from the artist end its a unique innovative artwork on the toughest canvas which is an amalgamation of the nature of two individual choices. Here our esteemed client from Mannheim, Germany came to our artist at Trust Body Modification Studio, Mannheim Germany with a wish of getting an anchor in some style. While an anchor represent Loyalty, Security and protection, the ornamentation is a symbolization of perfection with the calm and smoothness of water colour effect. This ornamental Anchor Tattoo by artist Niloy Das has become a perfect example of the best amalgamation of ideas between the artist and client. Keeping in mind the skin tone pattern our experienced artist came up with gorgeous medieval design pattern anchor with 3d looking ornamentation. The bold appearance has been perfectly balanced on a bright coloured water colour splashes. End of the day the client left the studio with a content smile which is the most precious return gift for the artist!!

About the Artist: Niloy Das, he is the only tattoo artist from India and 6th in Asia who got featured by CHEYENNE HAWK (Germany), USA/CANADA based tattoo magazine called URBAN INK, UK based tattoo magazine named Total Tattoo Magazine and Tätowier Magazin a German magazine . He is an internationally experienced tattoo artist who has worked at many places like Germany, Austria, London, Thailand and many more.
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