Celebrating World Tattoo Day – The Telegraph T2 Article

We from Lizards Skin Tattoos congratulate you all on International Tattoo Day. We observe International tattoo day to show respect the torch bearer artists from ancient times that enlightened us with their skills with which we are carrying over with this best kind of body art.

Celebrating World Tattoo Day – The Telegraph T2 Article

Tattoo travelled a long road from ancient age. In different time it represented different fascinating aspect of life for an individual which is always the most unique way of self representation. In modern time a tattoo is something to define someone. A personal statement etched on the body of an individual to commemorate his/her feeling towards life. So few things are very important while choosing a tattoo-

· Most importantly a specific subject/idea which can be memorial or subject to moral boosting. Remember tattoo has no point of return. So one has to be very sure while choosing the subject of the tattoo.

· The success of a tattoo very much depends on the position of the body where it is going to be grafted. Yet one must be very careful about the social acceptance of the tattoo position specially at workplace.

· While choosing the studio you must go by personal recommendation or the organic reviews on social media but end of everything you must visit the chosen studio with some time in your hand to check all other aspects like – Ambience, cleanliness, #hygiene, the services offered, good deal and most importantly the quality artists.

We provide various services like permanent tattoo, body piercing, dreadlocks and hair wrapping. For us every client is premium. So we always try to serve them the best of us. For tattoo we always want our client to reach us with ample of time because the selection part is very important. We just don’t make anything on the skin. Our artists always try to look beyond the present time and suggest the best size, design and colour according to the client’s body surface. We all know #tattoo bloats with time and ageing of the skin. So we always suggest the client to give best possible size. We keep optimum #hygiene with every steps. Cleaned and sealed grips, clip chord wraps, gloves, up-to-dated sterilized needle and everything else. Every day we go through rigorous cleanup of our studio floor before we start. Unfortunately there is a misconception about our tattoo remuneration around. As we work within a no compromise hygienic environment we charge the first square in as the initial setup cost for rs. 1500/- . from 2nd sq. inch the price drops by 50% and less and for bigger tattoos the cost is much lesser than the square inch count.

For body #piercing also we keep optimum level of hygiene. We use everything sterilsed starting from jewellery, clamps and receiving tube and single use needles. We are very particular of after procedure service. We keep a track of healing for every procedure we do in our studio.

For Dreadlock and #hair #wrapping we probably have the most experienced and passionate artist of kolkata in our studio. She is the best when it comes to handle any critical situation on #dreadlocks.

Above of everything we always work with passion. Probably we are the only studio in India who refused to work if there is no suitable body anatomy. We always value our client’s skin and body.

The backbone of our studio, Niloy Das is always a phenomenon. A humane, a visionary, a doer, a dreamer, an exceptional wit, a top notch drummer, a xaverian, a designer, a restless artist & art collector and he makes tattoo also. He is the first tattoo artist from India and 6th in Asia who got featured by CHEYENNE HAWK (Germany), USA/CANADA based tattoo magazine called URBAN INK, UK based tattoo magazine named Total Tattoo Magazine and Tätowier Magazin a German magazine. An internationally experienced tattoo artist who has worked at many places like Germany, Austria, London, Thailand and many more. His passion reflects in every inch of the studio and branches. He even spreads his passion among his co-artists also which created a great team. He might be the only one who treats his studio as a lounge. Yes we build relations with clients. We arrange live gigs almost every month. Yes, #Niloy and #Lizardsskintattoos both are phenomenal !!!!