A Tale of Love Tattoo by Niloy Das

Pet dog tattoo b y Niloy Das of Lizards Skin Tattoos

Each and every art form from ancient times tells many stories of love and the artists feel very content and satisfied when they have to work on the subject Love. The expression of love always increases the amount of good feeling inside our heart. and when it comes to express your love as a tattoo it becomes a forever feeling which always keeps us feel close to our special loved one.  This wonderful soul Kanika came to us with a will of getting a portrait of her pet on her skin and that also on an old tattoo as a cover-up. Our artist Niloy Das put all his effort and passion to honor someone’s love and to make it forever definition of her love towards her pet. It was of immense pleasure to tattoo Kanika, who loves her pet so much and wanted to get it on her skin for life, this is a cover-up tattoo of a horse which she got done quite long..done with Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment, Ink Booster by DC Invention Company GmbH and definitely Squidster skin markers.

Artist: Niloy Das

Lizard’s Skin Fashion Studio

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