Aditya's artistic journey began in childhood, captivated by his father's watercolor creations. Influenced by his Nepali heritage, he found inspiration in monasteries, rituals, and mandalas, observing the graceful flow of oriental elements. Despite lacking formal lessons, he embraced self-teaching.

Balancing bartending with his artistic passion, Aditya persisted until 2018 when he made a pivotal decision—to immerse himself fully in art. Joining Lizard's Skin Artdemy marked a transformative chapter.Fast forward five years, and Aditya has evolved into a prominent tattoo artist. Specializing in merging Tibetan artforms with realism, he envisions and creates breathtaking tattoos on human canvases. Aditya's dedication has transformed a childhood fascination into a thriving career, weaving cultural richness into every stroke of his tattoo artistry.

"I absolutely love being an artist! It's an incredible journey of listening to my clients, understanding their desires, and then creating something that not only satisfies them but also brings me immense joy.
Thanks to the amazing guidance of Niloy Da, Satish Bhai, Prithwi Da, and Varun, I've delved into the world of lizard's skin tattoos, and it's been a transformative experience. Being part of our studio family is truly a blessing, and each day feels like a new beginning filled with opportunities to learn something new. Tattooing isn't just a profession for me; it's a source of mental peace, echoing the calmness and meditation embedded in my culture and heritage. Here's to the joy of creating art every day!.”