Akshay could be one the reason why the term “the jack of all trades” was coined. He is not only extremely versatile but he manages to make every design unique.  He hails from Indore and was always inclined towards tattooing. It was later in his life where he learned more about the craft, that’s when he got mesmerized with the art form. He enjoys tattooing every genre, but portraits and realism is his favorite styles to play with. For him tattoos should always be custom as you carry them till the end of your life.

“Hey Akki here, I’m from Indore and I’ve been a tattoo artist for few years now. Throughout the years I’ve learned a lot from a lot of artists in the industry, you could say that was sort of my informal training throughout the years. I believe everyone has their own story and I can tell them on their skin. For me every tattoo is a challenge, I push myself to the limit to do justice to their story and make sure the design belongs to you and only
you. I feel extremely fortunate that I got to showcase my abilities at Lizard’s Skin tattoos so early in life. For me art is a journey and Lizard’s Skin Tattoos is a beautiful station where my vehicle of ambition has halted for a while and I love every moment of it.”