With a knack towards everything artistic, Daksh started his tattoo journey 8 years back from a small town in Jamshedpur. His relentlessness towards his art makes him stand out and connect with people, who share the same vibe as his. Being humble and helpful is what comes naturally to him and makes him very easy to gel with.

Daksh considers himself to be artistically fluid, he can move from illustrative to watercolor, but realism is something he feels at home with. He loves to create designs from his wild imagination, knowing the subject thoroughly from his clients. As he likes to put it, there’s a little bit of him in all of his designs. No matter what, he pulls off art pieces which are not only artistic but also visually pleasing.

“Hi, Daksh here! I come from the steel town of India, called Jamshedpur. I always was inclined towards drawing since childhood; with time I realized that I could pursue art as a career. Tattooing at the time seemed quite interesting to me,
a new form of art where I can fully express myself. As time passed, I came to know many people from this industry, from whom I’ve learned things and still continue to do so. Working at Lizard’s Skin was something, in my humble opinion; every good tattoo artist aspires to be in. Finally through a lot of dedicated practicing and honing my craft, I got the opportunity to work here, under the guidance of Niloy da. This is the best thing that has happened to me in my life, and I want to keep on pursuing my art, with the same enthusiasm I had when I was a kid.”