In 2020, Nitesh embarked on a journey to learn sketching, inspired by childhood fascinations like Pokemon and Spider-Man. His early attempts included copying name plates from textbooks, honing his skills through local art classes, and practicing on willing subjects.


Nitesh stumbled upon Lizard's Skin Artdemy, setting the stage for his venture into the world of tattooing. Transitioning from sketching to tattoo art, he demonstrated resilience and adaptability, showcasing how passion could forge unexpected and rewarding paths. Lizard's Skin Tattoos now stands as a pivotal chapter in his artistic journey, where his creativity and unique approach have earned him a distinguished place as an artist.

" Lizard’s Skin has been a pillar of my life, I’ve learnt so many things from everyone both in artistic ways and as a person. Now Bengaluru is a new platform which is full of new experiences
and new opportunities. . It’s a pleasure for me as right now I am working on this new city. Learning and sketching every day is my key to stay happy. Let’s talk about ink with a cup of coffee! ”