This prodigious body modification artist hailing from the picturesque town of Darjeeling is quickly becoming known to clients and fellow artists as someone who knows the aesthetics of piercings thoroughly.

Pragati had always been fascinated with piercings, even in her schooldays. Back then piercings as they are now weren't common knowledge, especially in a small town far from the metropolis. In her teens Pragati got piercings herself- these were carried out by gunshot and she wasn't amazed by the results. She believed that there must be a more precise way of achieving a good piercing. A career in body-modification wasn't something she knew existed.

After attending a workshop with Babajee, she and her mentor found out that she had a natural flair for it. It wasn't long before she joined as an artist at the studio. In the workshop she found out that a needle was a much more precise instrument for piercings than the widely used gunshot. Since then she has progressed into more and more complex piercings.

Pragati believes that it's better to dissuade a prospective client whose body anatomy wouldn't support the piercing they are looking for than to live with the dissatisfaction later. For Pragati piercings elevate the natural anatomy of the body and provide an anchor point for other people's attention to focus on. Piercings are aesthetically pleasing to her eyes and by extension a way of self-expression!

"Initially for me, piercings were this fun thing to do but now, my view on piercings has evolved. It began by learning the strict hyegine regimen we follow and progressed into being more precise and have steady hands. Also, a body modification artist needs to grow their perception of body anatomy and how the jewellery would affect this anatomy once the piercing is done.“