Pranay's journey epitomizes determination and passion. Self-taught, he pursued art since childhood, particularly drawn to portraits. Juggling life as an aluminum worker, he never abandoned his dream of becoming a tattoo artist. Crafting machines from scrap metal, he showcased his resourcefulness.

With relentless perseverance and savings, Pranay joined LSA, guided by mentors like Samir  and Niloy das. Today, he's a permanent tattoo artist at Howrah Avni Mall, mastering skin tone variation and offering diverse styles. From Bagnan to success, Pranay's story inspires, proving that with dedication, any dream is achievable.

"It's been a wild ride! Started doodling as a kid, became obsessed with portraits. Built my own tattoo machine from scrap metal—DIY all the way!
I started saving up, and joined LSA. Thanks to Samir da and Niloy da I got the best guidance, I'm now a permanent tattoo artist at Howrah Avni Mall branch! Turning skin into canvas, painting dreams with every design. From Bagnan to tattoo artist my dream do came true.”