Rahul's journey from wall painter to renowned tattoo artist is truly inspiring. Despite doubts about his fit for art college, he pursued his passion, learning from Lizard's Skin Artdemy, he started to delve in the world of tattooing. Drawing from childhood memories of tribal tattooing, Rahul's unique blend of tradition and innovation sets him apart. His success underscores the power of dedication and passion, capturing hearts with his boundless creativity as he is now one of the Artist of Lizard’s Skin Bengaluru Brunch.

Hey everyone! Let me share my journey: from wall painter to thriving tattoo artist I grew a lot with the help of lizards skin tattoos. Drawing from my childhood memories, I found my style, blending my traditional roots with modern techniques that I learned. Now, clients flock to me for unique, breath taking tattoos. Remember, dedication and passion can make anything possible! Well come lets talk about your next tat!