He resembles the actual meaning of his name. He is like a cool breeze. Can literally show you the horizon of any thoughts no matter how crazy is the outcome is.
Called himself ‘Mombatti (candle)’ he has a candle-like soft and soothing vibrancy in his artwork. An immense nature lover Samir Ghosh from Howrah has proved his worth within a very short period.  He loves to create his own design work according to the client’s choice. No matter what the given size is Samir will create something outstanding with his unique style. Working with different genres of tattooing he loves to do abstract realism and illustrative tattoos mostly.
As he says,
“I am Samir from Howrah. I started my drawing classes when I was 5 years old and till now I am with it throughout my tough life. I am in tattoing from last 4 years. I started with a small work station at my place for 2 years. 
Then I have got opportunity to work with Lizard’s Skin team under Niloy Das. I spent last two year with with few of the outstanding artists here. I am learning a lot from them. We are all like family members here. Thanks to Niloy Da for this big opportunity. I love to do water colour and I try to put that water colour effect in my tattoo designs. Though I love realism tattoo.