Saptarshi or as we call him ‘Rishi’, loved drawing from his childhood days but never thought that could be taken as a profession. His inclination towards creativity led him to many event management companies, where he often found himself amongst creativity. Tragedy hit him in 2015 when the sudden demise of his father shook him to the core. This increased financial pressure on him, amidst that pressure he finally decided that he wants to take a shot at tattooing. Since then every ink from his hands led to him evolving into a competent tattoo artist. After exploring a lot of genres, Saptarshi finds watercolor and illustrative works to be his go-to styles.

“My tattoo journey was not really planned, most of the time I found myself going with the flow (pun intended). I had a really informal tattoo training that came primarily from YouTube and other social media, as I didn’t have the money or resources to learn it from someone. Although I had a rocky start, it eventually started getting better. . I’ve been tattooing solo from 2015 to
2020, that’s when Lizard’s Skin Tattoos reached out to me and since then I’ve found myself a second home. Since tattoos are a permanent artwork it’s more important to select your artist rather than picking a design from Google. For me tattooing is not a profession it’s my identity.”