piercing artist in kolkata
Somnath as known as Babajee among social media and clients is our senior artist of piercing.
A person with a lot of patience he is one friendly guy you met. No matter how scared and confused you are with your piercing procedure he is going to put your confidence on the right track and boost you up for the next. A super strict person when it comes to hygiene and aftercare. He always speaks out of his heart and experiences.
"Piercing is what I always wanted to do. But my fate dragged me away from my dream which made me work with many distractions. But better late than never. Finally I am in this profession for last few years. Being a enthusiast of every kind of body modifications I always love to work with perfection. At Lizard's Skin Tattoos I found it as the best place to work as a full time professional body modification artist or Piercing artist. With immense support of Niloy and Punam and the entire team I found this studio as my second home."