Born and growing up in Mukutmanipur, a picturesque township amidst the vast Chhotonagpur Plateau, Sujit Mandi travelled a long path in his life to become a tattoo artist.
Being an artist by nature he has a unique ability to pull out artistry from everything. From the small township, he thrives on all difficulties and becomes an experienced tattoo artist in Lizard's Skin Tattoos Studio. First, he has joined as an apprentice artist under one of the best artist of the city Mr. Niloy Das. As they say, you learn a lot when working under a master, Sujit learned many aspects of tattoo artistry to become a good artist himself.
On his own verse –
“All these years in this studio I worked with and under the masters to learn tattooing. I love everything at Lizard’s Skin Studio. The work environment, the no compromise sterile environment, best of the industries equipments and colours and most importantly working under/with the masters of the industries with different genre of tattoo artistry has made me the one I am today.
Tattooing is my life. When I don’t do tattoo I keep on watching and learning from different posts of other artists all around the world. While doing all sorts of customized designs according to the taste and choice of my clients I love working on line work and shilouette genre. Being here I feel myself a complete person.”