Tridha Das is not just your girl next door; this happy go lucky member of our studio is a very skilled artist. She had keen interest on arts from a very young age; her most vivid memories include her drawing trees and houses in her childhood. Later on in life she went to an Art school and realized she loved how the artist and the artwork are so close and intimate, how beautiful it is to be able to hold and feel the craft with your bare hands. But much to her disappointment, the world was going digital. This was very perplexing to her, in order to find solace in the joy she used to cherish before, she stumbled upon tattooing. And since then she never looked back.

“Hi Im Tridha here, I was in love with art as long as I can remember. After graduating from the Indian Art College, I was looking for venues where I could work on my art and take my life in an artistic direction. My search for such venues led me to tattooing; I was really intrigued by it. I wanted to learn from the best, that’s when I first heard of Lizard’s Skin Tattoos. Niloy da
saw my passion for it and took me under his wing. Although I work on many genres, I love to work on dot work and line work. This is just the beginning for me and I hope I can push my potential to the furthest in the coming days.”