best artist for tattoo
When you see him first you will not get the smallest clue about his depth. Once you will start talking to him his method of conversation and explanation will make you super comfortable.
He never compromise with the quality and nature of his artwork. Every artwork he create carries uniqueness with his own pattern of art. This Chennai based guy is full of life and endless enthusiasm when it comes to tattoo. Most work on line and dots Varun already created sensation among his client with his unique artwoks. Minimalistic or big story he creates his own artwork always which becomes the favourite for the client.
As he says,
"I am Varun from Chennai. I used to draw since childhood and I always feel that it's the only thing I am good at. I never thought of becoming a tattoo artist it just happened to me. it was like a dream for me to work at lizards skin as I had only few months of tattooing experience before joining. 
I like to do abstract, sketchy, dotwork style of tattooing. Lizards skin is the best thing that happened to me and I'm very grateful to niloy dada for trusting me. Learning everyday from niloy da and my senior artists Prithiwi and Satish."