"Lizard's Skin Tattoos" stands out as one of the premier destinations for exceptional tattoo artistry in Bengaluru. Renowned as the best tattoo studio in Kolkata, it sets a benchmark in creativity, precision, and customer satisfaction. With a team of highly skilled artists, Lizards Skin Tattoos has now Arrived to Ink your city! We ensure that each client's vision is brought to life with finesse and professionalism.

Niloy Das

Niloy Das

Tattoo isn’t just a form of art but is a forever impression with a story, get your own story, get tattoos customised.


Niloy Das

Mr. Niloy Das was born in the year of 1987 and pursued a bachelor's degree in commerce from esteemed St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata. From childhood, he was inclined toward every art form, especially painting and music. Not only did he excel in the form of tattooing but he was known among the top-notch drummers in the city. Mr. Niloy Das, the best tattoo artist in Kolkata is the leading man behind this studio!
He started tattooing part-time in the year 2010 keeping music as his first profession. His journey started with a self-made machine made with kitchen utensils, buttons, guitar wire and a few more things. Later in the year he came across a professional tattoo kit and came up with his fully equipped tattoo studio. Slowly his works were in demand and he required a bigger space for more artists who were willing to join under him.
In September 2012 it was a huge leap taken by him to open the biggest tattoo studio in the city and as well in the poshest area.
The demand of his work forced him to leave his career as a musician and choose tattooing as his only profession.
Since then he is into tattooing full time and within few months of focused practicing, fetch him the biggest break to get sponsored by the German tattoo machinery giant ‘Cheyenne’ and to work in their row at conventions worldwide.
He now travels, doing guest spots mostly in Europe tattooing people all over the world. He is also trying to educate people of the city about tattooing in every way breaking the myths of tattooing.
He is now one among the finest tattoo artist in India, Niloy Das is one among the top tattoo artist in Kolkata. He still believes in staying grounded and striving everyday to achieve all his dreams.


Nitesh stumbled upon Lizard's Skin Artdemy, setting the stage for his venture into the world of tattooing. Transitioning from sketching to tattoo art, he demonstrated resilience and adaptability, showcasing how passion could forge unexpected and rewarding paths.

Now he is leading Lizard's Skin Tattoos Bengaluru branch with his creativity and skills.His creativity and unique approach have earned him a distinguished place as an artist.

“ Lizard’s Skin has been a pillar of my life, I’ve learnt so many things from everyone both in artistic ways and as a person. Now Bengaluru is a new platform which is full of new experiences and new opportunities. It’s a pleasure for me as right now I am working on this new city. Learning and sketching every day is my key to stay happy. Let’s talk about ink with a cup of coffee! “


Rahul's journey from wall painter to renowned tattoo artist is truly inspiring. Despite doubts about his fit for art college, he pursued his passion, learning from Lizard's Skin Artdemy, he started to delve in the world of tattooing. Drawing from childhood memories of tribal tattooing, Rahul's unique blend of tradition and innovation sets him apart. His success underscores the power of dedication and passion, capturing hearts with his boundless creativity as he is now one of the Artist of Lizard’s Skin Bengaluru Brunch.

 Hey everyone! Let me share my journey: from wall painter to thriving tattoo artist I grew a lot with the help of lizards skin tattoos. Drawing from my childhood memories, I found my style, blending my traditional roots with modern techniques that I learned. Now, clients flock to me for unique, breath taking tattoos. Remember, dedication and passion can make anything possible! Well come lets talk about your next tat!

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