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The ICC World Cup final between India and Australia is going to be held tomorrow, on Sunday, and the excitement is reaching a peak. The world will be watching Virat Kohli, who is already on cloud nine after becoming the first cricketer to score 50 ODI hundreds, as well as breaking the World Cup record of Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar himself. Kohli is known as much for his playing skills as for his tattoos.

Spiritual Tattoos Of Virat "Run Machine" Kohli

As of now, he has 12 different tattoos on himself, 5 of which have a deep spiritual significance. And we cannot get enough of them.

  • Om Tattoo:

It is tattooed on his left tricep, and Kohli says that the sight of this sacred symbol helps him feel at peace with reality. It lets him stay grounded and remember that the universal sound, Om, is bigger than the entire humanity. We can understand that it helps him go beyond human considerations and get connected to the cosmos, getting powered by spirituality to battle the challenges of his life.

  • Lord Shiva Tattoo:

Tattooed on his left forearm is an image of Lord Shiva meditating on Mount Kailash with Lake Mansarovar in the background. According to Kohli, it is a reminder that he wants the “God of Destruction” in Hindu mythology to destroy all negativities in his self and create a better version of him. We love the tattoo for its amazing beauty and the sense of peaceful power that the image of God induces in us.

  • Monastery Tattoo:

He also has the image of a monastery inked on his left shoulder, which reflects power and peace. Surely, the cricketer needs a lot of spiritual power to keep him peaceful and motivated during the tough times on the field and beyond. Aesthetic to look at, the tattoo is notable for its beauty and harmoniousness.

  • God’s Eye Tattoo:

On his shoulder is the image of a giant disembodied eye. Supposedly, it is a symbol of the eye of the Almighty who is omnipresent and reminds him that he should always remain grounded, never moving away from his path. It stuns us with its mesmerizing beauty and arouses a sense of wonder in us.

  • Geometric Flower Design Tattoo:

A stunning floral art on his arm is the most recent tattoo that Virat has got. It needed many hours to get inked on his arm and is supposed to be of great spiritual significance, serving as a prominent reminder of his spiritual journey. Like each of his tattoos, this one aroused a lot of interest in the fans of Kohli.

As the world awaits the final due for tomorrow, we hope that “King Kohli” continues with his extraordinary performance and plays a superb knock. With all Indians hoping for Shami to roar, Siraj to soar, and all the magnificent batsmen to score some good runs leading India to a smashing victory and lift the Cup once more- go and get yourself inked to feel the vibe!

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