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Are you thinking about getting a collarbone tattoo like Ranbir Kapoor? Fresh off the success of his controversial movie "Animal," which raked in over 900 crores globally, and his notable appearance during the Ram Lalla Pran Pratistha ceremony, alongside winning the Filmfare Best Actor award in 2024 and a new film project with Sanjay Leela Bhansali on the cards, Kapoor is once again in the limelight. Adding to his intrigue, he recently inked his daughter Raha's name onto his collarbone. Are you inspired to follow suit?

Ranbir 'Animal' Kapoor's Collarbone Tattoos: 5 Best Designs

Here are 5 best celebrity collarbone tattoo ideas you would like to explore at a famous tattoo studio in Kolkata.

  1. Girl Power:

In January 2018, Jesy Nelson, known for her role in the music industry, made a bold statement. She choose to adorn her collarbone with the tattoo "girl power," crafted by the skilled artist Gabby Colledge. It resonates deeply with movements advocating for gender equality and highlights the importance of solidarity among women in overcoming societal barriers and stereotypes.

Jesy Nelson's decision to ink "girl power" onto her collarbone not only reflects her personal convictions but also amplifies the collective voice of women striving for recognition, respect, and equal opportunities in all aspects of life.

  1. Never a failure, Always a lesson:

In December 2009, Rihanna made a poignant choice by inking her collarbone with her personal motto, "Never a failure, Always a lesson." This profound inscription, deliberately written backward for her to read in the mirror, was expertly etched by the renowned artist Bang Bang. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Rihanna's tattoo embodies resilience and growth. It serves as a steadfast reminder for individuals to view setbacks not as failures but as invaluable lessons in their journey.

  1. Peace Passion Happiness:

In May 2016, Asami Zdrenka got her collarbone tattooed with Japanese characters symbolizing "peace passion happiness." This intricate tattoo serves as a profound reminder to prioritize inner tranquility and pursue happiness in every facet of existence. It urges individuals to embark on a journey towards inner peace and unwavering happiness. Reflecting a serene outlook on life, it encapsulates the essence of finding balance amidst chaos.

  1. Faith:

Demi Lovato's "Faith" tattoo, etched delicately onto her collarbone, carries profound significance in her life's narrative. It serves as a constant reminder to maintain unwavering faith during trials and tribulations. It embodies her resilient spirit and unwavering belief in overcoming challenges. It is a deeply personalized design that reflects Lovato's journey of self-discovery, strength, and perseverance. You have to pay a small tattoo price in Kolkata to get this tattoo.

  1. Tiny Heart Tattoo:

In April 2018, Hailey Baldwin got her left collarbone adorned with a delicate yet impactful tattoo crafted by the skilled hands of artist Jon Boy. The chosen design was a tiny heart. It may appear small in size, but its significance goes beyond its physical dimensions. It embodies her romantic nature, encapsulating her capacity to love deeply.

Collarbone tattoos convey unique messages and values, reflecting your individuality. If you are considering a collarbone tattoo akin to Ranbir Kapoor's or any of these celebrities', draw inspiration from their meaningful designs and choose one that resonates with your values. And choose a good, safe, reputed tattoo studio to get it done from. Happy tattooing!

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