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cost of tattoo in kolkata

Want to get a cute or elaborate tat inked on your neck this 2023? Well, as neck tattoos have become insanely popular among women these days, you can opt for one by making an appointment with a talented artist from a famous tattoo studio in Kolkata.

  • Dreamy star tattoo:

If you want to get a small tattoo etched on your neck that can be expanded if you wish to, a little star or a series of stars is the perfect option to connote positivity and elegance. Signifying hope, honor, and success, a starry theme is ideal to symbolize your search for the right direction in your life or for representing your journey in case you’ve already found your true path. So, get a cute and beautiful star tattoo inked on the front, side, or back of your neck asap!

  • Mesmerizing floral neck tattoo:

Don’t you love the idea of getting a flower tattoo? Which woman doesn’t appreciate flowers? As each flower has a unique meaning associated with it, you must choose one that you find relatable. For instance, the rose is a classic symbol of beauty, love and new beginnings; the lavender stands for devotion and purity but it may also echo luxury and refinement; the inking of a tulip represents respect, honor and tenderness; while the sunflower symbolizes romance and true love. You can get a single flower or a lovely bunch tattooed on the side or back of your neck area.

  • Adorable heart motif:

There are various meanings attached to a heart tattoo. This tat can be an expression of love and passion or it can also be a sign of friendship and desire. Some even get heart images tattooed for paying a tribute to someone they lost, usually adding a name beside the heart icon. Whether it’s a minimalistic sketch of a heart, a red heart or a prominent heart design in a variety of colors, you can select any heart tattoo of your preference for placement on any part of your neck.

  • Gorgeous butterfly neck tats:

Butterfly tattoos are trending and how! These not only decorate your skin beautifully but also reflect a deeper meaning. Symbolizing freedom, transformation, and beauty, a butterfly metamorphosized from a caterpillar is perfect to indicate a new or important transition in your life. You can go for single or multiple butterflies. From black fine-lined butterflies to those in vibrant colors, you can get a lovely portrait of one or more butterflies gracing your neck!

  • Wild wings tattoo:

Universally representing freedom, the wing tattoo is a cool option to show a fiery sense of liberty as you break away from challenges and detach yourself from expectations. From minimalistic wings, gothic wings, and wings of love that have a heart added, you can get any wing tats on the back or sides of your neck region to evoke a fly-high spirit!

  • Charming crown tattoo:

Representing royalty and nobility with a touch of victory, a crown tattoo on your neck is a fantastic choice to show everyone you are the queen! You can opt for a petite or a big crown design or even add a letter or a lion to your crown. In any case, the crown will echo your majestic aura. Let us also mention that the crown can also be a theme for portraying that you’re connected to your softer self, especially if you’ve been keeping a tough exterior.

Can’t wait to get a lovely neck tattoo inked? Then, fulfill this wish by visiting a noted tattoo parlour that charges the cheap cost of tattoo in Kolkata to get a neat design or stunning artwork etched on your neck with perfection.

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