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Kolkata Tattoo Festival 2023

The Kolkata Tattoo Festival, sponsored by Lizard's Skin Tattoos, has become a much-awaited tattoo event that attracts tattoo enthusiasts from all over India and even beyond. Started in 2014, this festival is not just about tattoos but also about art, culture, and a vibrant community that comes together to celebrate creativity.

What can be expected from the 2023 edition of the event, to be held from October 13 - 15? Find out!

  • Talented Tattoo Artists from Across the Globe:

One of the main highlights of the festival is the opportunity to get inked by some of the most talented tattoo artists from around the world. This year, you can see the likes of Jhenn from France, Tassos from Germany, and Jocke Hultman from Sweden. These artists are set to wow tattoo lovers with their unique styles, techniques, and experiences. Tattooists and tattoo enthusiasts can get the fantastic chance to interact with these renowned names in the tattoo industry and even get inked by them.

  • Commitment to Celebrating the Tattoo Community:

The Kolkata Tattoo Festival is always more than just an event; it will be a platform promoting and celebrating the tattoo community. In 2023, it is set to bring together tattoo artists, enthusiasts, and curious onlookers, allowing them to connect, share experiences, and learn from one another. The festival is committed to promoting tattoo art as a legitimate and respected form of expression, breaking down stereotypes and fostering unity among its participants.

  • Engaging Musical Entertainment Options:

Beyond tattoos, the festival will offer a plethora of engaging activities to keep attendees entertained. The grand musical fest will be a major attraction, featuring performances by some of the top artists in the country such as Durnibar and Prashmita, along with bands like Humsufi and Underground Authority. From rock to pop to indie, there is going to be something for everyone's musical taste.

  • Captivating graffiti showcase:

The captivating graffiti showcase will be another crowd-pleaser, featuring works by prominent Kolkata graffiti artists like Saptostreetart and Nami. This colorful and dynamic display will add an urban edge to the festival, showcasing the vibrant street art scene of the city.

  • Seamless Ticketing Experience:

Lizard's Skin Tattoos understands the importance of a hassle-free experience for festival-goers, which is why it has invested in a seamless ticketing system this year. Attendees can easily purchase tickets online, with various options available to suit different preferences and budgets. This streamlined process will ensure that visitors can focus on enjoying the festival without any unnecessary stress.

  • Complete entertainment:

Attendees can also indulge in some retail pleasure at the flea market, which will offer a wide range of unique and quirky items. Food stalls serving delicious local and international cuisine will ensure attendees can binge their choicest food and make their taste buds dance.


The Kolkata Tattoo Festival, sponsored by Lizard's Skin Tattoos, is going to be a celebration of the art of getting inked at its best! If you're looking for the best tattoo studio in Kolkata or are simply a tattoo enthusiast seeking a fun and unique event to attend, the festival will definitely be worth visiting and soaking in all that comes your way.

It will unfold at the Eastern Metropolitan Club from 10 am to 10 pm, October 13th-15th.

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