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Want your tattoo to make an impact? Well, you don’t necessarily need a large tattoo to attract attention. Just because a tattoo is small doesn’t mean that it’s less meaningful. And women seem to be appreciating this fact as smaller tattoos are a hot trend in current times, indicating the unique elegance of dainty body art. Connect with one of the top tattoo parlours in Kolkata to get innovative smaller tattoos inked meticulously by visionary tattoo artists.

  • Butterfly Tattoo:

In general, butterfly tattoos are one of the immensely popular inkings for modern women. And even as a tiny artwork, these winged insects stand out due to their graceful and feminine look. Whether it’s in vibrant colors or in classic black ink, small butterfly tattoos look equally appealing. If you’re eager to get a little butterfly tattoo placed on your back, shoulder or any desired area, then you must definitely go for it to exhibit this beautiful design that represents transformation, nature and liberty.

  • Heart Tattoo:

Heart tattoos have been a favorite for women for decades. A small heart tattoo not only looks simple and gorgeous but represents the strongest emotion, love. Heart tattoos can depict all kinds of love, including romance, family or even grief. A little heart inking is just what you need to remind yourself and showcase what’s important in life. You can effortlessly express your passionate and caring side through a pretty heart tattoo.

  • Angel Wings Tattoo:

Angel wings look amazing as small tattoos just as they do in the form of large tattoos. Many women consider this dreamy design to be a portrayal of their angelic side. This can also be evocative of freedom or a strong desire to escape. For some, the wings act as a reminder of their guardian angel who is always looking out for them.

  • Sunflower Tattoo:

This popular inking design is known to stand out in small sizes as well due to its cheerful yellow color. This particular floral design stands for longevity and affection as well as religious belief due to its dedication to the sun. Do you want to express your sunny personality? Then, getting a small and lively sunflower tattoo inked is a fantastic way to convey an essence of warmth, happiness and merry.

  • Dragonfly Tattoo:

This is one of the most positive tattoo designs to select as it’s a sign of transformation, strength, bravery and free spirit. There are also some mystic beliefs regarding this insect. Native American culture holds dragonflies to represent purity and rebirth while dragonflies are commonly seen in art in Japan. This is probably because these tiny insects are symbols of victory, maintaining their habit of not flying backward to avoid retreating.

  • Dreamcatcher Tattoo:

As per Native American belief, dreamcatchers were hung over beds to protect them from nightmares. But as body art, this intricate design symbolizes safety from harm. Even if you don’t have a Native American heritage to honor, you can get this prominent tattoo inked to signify its meaning and beauty. A neat and exquisite dreamcatcher tattoo that’s hoop-shaped and consists of webbings and feathers is after all an eye-catching design for inking.

Make sure to visit one of the best tattoo shops in Kolkata to get trending small tattoos inked by experts at pocket-friendly prices. Such tattoo specialists will ink cute small tattoos using sanitized equipment and the perfect ambiance will be the perfect bonus for you to get yourself inked!

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