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Did Hailey Bieber’s little “J” or Bella Hadid’s shoulder tattoo seem super-cool to you? Well, we’ve got some more trending and inspirational tattoo designs that you must try out to make this body art say more about your hep style statement. Connect with the best tattoo studio in Kolkata to get eye-catching tattoos inked with precision by skilled tattoo artists.

  • Psychedelic Designs:

Want your tattoo style to exhibit bold black lines and bright hues? Then, psychedelic-inspired tattoos are surely one major hit in 2024 that you must get inked to show off your unique style. Bold lines and vibrant pops of color in psychedelic acid art is one funky style you can’t get enough of to make your style all about illustrative surrealism.

  • Big Statement Pieces:

Though micro tattoos were one of the biggest trends in 2020, large-scale pieces have evolved as a sizzling trend this year. Now larger tattoos are making it big in tattoo parlors. Remember Cardi B’s large iconic peacock hip tattoo full of color and vibrancy? Spectacular, right?! After the dark times of 2020, people are probably living by the rule that there’s nothing to lose. So, going big with their ink is a contemporary trend in vogue.

  • Symbolic Tattoos:

A trend that seems to be turning heads this year is vividly symbolic tattoos which mostly showcase religious emblems and memorial tattoos. Demi Lovato’s cross on her hand is one such fantastic tattoo design that highlights her belief and looks chic. Be it crosses or clouds, you can get any striking symbolic tattoo inked that depicts what you believe in.

  • Florals:

Similar to star and moon designs, floral tattoos are sure to remain a classic trend in 2024 just like as they’ve been popular for a long time. The delicate and natural vibes of wildflower tattoos make them one elegant body art you won’t get tired of. You can carry many memories with flowers such as that of loved ones. This is one graceful tattoo design that speaks style and beauty.

  • Visible Body Art:

The top tattoo artists have been predicting the popularity of bigger pieces in current times, a renowned body electric tattoo artist has commented how highly visible tattoo placements will be the new hit this year. Most tattooed people now love to flaunt their tattoos so, getting their forearms, hands and fingers inked are sure to be the buzz.

  • Symmetry:

Trends that have been noted to catch eyes this year include stunning motifs, patterns, mandalas and large-scale symmetry. It has become essential for tattoo-lovers now to get aesthetically pleasing tattoos inked which will look charming and spectacular.

Be it minimal designs or expansions, many fascinating tattoo designs have been trending currently that are sure to engage your attention. Make sure to visit a reputed tattoo studio in West Bengal to seek the assistance of experts who can get captivating tattoos inked with accuracy and dedication.

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