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Got a tattoo inked recently? Feeling psyched? Well, it must be exciting to get a cool tattoo inked on your desired body part. But, remember to take proper care of that area and be alert about certain dos and don’ts to keep your tattoo and skin protected. Visit a well-known tattoo parlour to get an artsy tattoo inked with perfection by the top tattoo artist in Kolkata.

  • Do keep the bandage intact until it’s time to rip off

After you’ve obtained your body art, your tattoo artist will mention how long you have to wear the bandage till the region heals fully. So, make sure that the bandage stays there and remove it only when the specified duration is complete.

  • Don’t wash your tattoo with harsh solutions

Did you just remove the bandage covering your tattoo? Well, now you should wash your tattooed zone thoroughly only using mild antibacterial soap such as Dettol or Savlon bar soap or hand wash for a minimum of 5 minutes to keep it disinfected. Avoid washing your tattoo with fancy soaps or ordinary solutions. Also, make sure that you don’t use strong germicidal solutions such as Dettol liquid solution on the new tattoo as it will induce adverse reactions.

  • Keep the area dry

Rub your tattoo dry with a tissue only and then air-dry it for 5 minutes. Remember not to apply any cream or lotion on it for at least 2 days as it comes into contact with other chemicals that can prevent its healing and alter its original appearance.

  • Apply the prescribed lotion from 3rd day

A good tattoo artist will recommend the lotion or ointment that’s suitable to apply to your tattoo. Try to follow the guided instructions accurately regarding its application timing and method for proper care of your tattoo. You must start using it from the 3rd day onwards and not earlier.

  • Avoid applying soap on your tattoo for a certain period

Want your tattoo to retain its shiny brand-new look? To keep its aesthetic appeal intact and maintain its hygiene, make sure to wash your tattoo each day with water. But a safety tip is that you don’t use soap on it for the next 10 or 12 days until it becomes a usual part of your skin.

  • Avoid sunlight, swimming and sour food

It’s wise to carry out particular precautions during your tattoo’s healing period. Try to protect your tattoo from direct sunlight exposure. Also, swimming should be a strict no-no for you for the next 2 or 3 weeks. Another routine change we suggest is that you stay away from sour food, especially tamarind for 3 to 4 days.

  • Don’t pick the dry skin

Be aware that you don’t pick the scabs or dry skin from your tattoo when it heals. It’s normal for tattoos to form scabs but you should resist scrapping it out. Just let it fall on its own and your tattoo will soothe and heal naturally.

  • Moisturize it but don’t wax

Make sure to moisturize your tattoo at least once a day to prevent it from becoming dry or itchy. But you can’t wax on your tattoo, ever. Remember, waxing on your tattoo is something you should eliminate for this lifespan.

Book an appointment at a reputed tattoo studio to get a striking tattoo inked by the best tattoo artist in Kolkata. Such tattoo experts will carry out the inking procedure using clean and sanitized tools and advice you on proper aftercare measures to help your tattoo heal well.

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