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best tattoo parlours in kolkata

Getting a tattoo is a joyous feeling. It might have an underlying meaning or it might be just a script that is dear to you. But that is not always necessary, you can always get yourself inked with a design of your choice or a minimalist one that describes you or means something to you.

There are a few things you need to consider before heading out for a tattoo studio to get a permanent etching on your skin. They are briefly as follows-

  1. How do you want the design to be, what style do you prefer?
  2. How much it is costing you and what part of the body you want to get the design.
  3. How much pain can it inflict and if you can endure it? Take necessary precautions for that if it is your first time.

Other than these you must ensure that the studio is hygienic and all the equipment is properly sterilized. The best tattoo parlours in Kolkata make sure that you do not get a scope of complaint regarding the delivery of work and quality of the tattoo. The usage of colours and needles and the professionalism of the artist is expected. Read on to this blog more to find out what to look for in the renowned tattoo studios in the city!

The green ticks matter

Whether you are getting it for the first time or the umpteenth time, you need to tick off the following queries from your artist and consider proper service by doing your research-

  1. Cost - The cost and the area of skin to tattoo must be finalised.
  2. Measures - What medicines do not take before getting your tattoo and what repercussions might it have. Also, avoid consuming alcohol as it might thin your blood and create complications while tattooing.
  3. Consultancy and counselling - Consult your counsellor and get all the guidelines that you need to follow before and after the tattoo.
  4. Safety measures - Ensure that proper disinfection and sanitization procedures are maintained.
  5. Finalise your design - Discuss your design with the artist and make necessary amendments, choose your preferred colours and the style of art that you desire.
  6. Know your artist- Ask the artist about their experience and get information about their instruments, area of expertise and rate. You can also ask for a portfolio if you want to be absolutely sure and confident about your artist. This is an important step for an enriched experience.

Getting to know the brand of colours and instruments can be enquired about, but that is not a mandatory step. If you are a tattoo enthusiast and hold an interest in gaining information, go on to have a full-fledged conversation with your artist. The most popular tattoo parlour Kolkata has a friendly staff and talented as well as humble artists who are ready to tend to all your needs regarding the tattoo. You are sure to be a happy customer and come back time and again. Happy tattooing!

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