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Looking for a badass tattoo artwork? Well, we’ve listed some of the coolest tattoo designs that range from simple to create for you to rock this year. Make sure to visit one of the best tattoo parlours in Kolkata to get a trendy tattoo inked by experienced tattoo artists to tell your story aesthetically.

  • Small Tattoo:

Are you a working professional or a guy who doesn’t want your tattoo to define you? Then, you can easily get a small tattoo inked on your arm, hand, chest or any desired part of your body. Go for a fun tiny design so that you can hide the artwork whenever you want to.

  • Quote Tattoo:

Quote tattoos have become a big hit with men recently as this help to represent your personal belief or philosophy accurately. When choosing your quote tattoo, be aware of its meaning, length, location and font to emphasize its message in a hard-hitting way. You can select powerful quotes from your favourite band, writer or motivational speeches as most guys usually stick to an impactful single line or phrase for tattoos.

  • Lion Tattoo:

Want your tattoo to represent strength and courage? Then, a lion tattoo can be the best option to remind you and others of the fierce masculine strength within you. You can get a single big lion tattoo inked or one with an eye-catching collage surrounding it on your back, sleeve or chest to evoke the spirit of power, courage and fearlessness.

  • Skull Tattoo:

The skull tattoo is definitely one of those badass tattoos that have been making headlines this 2022. You can choose a super-cool skull tattoo design in various innovative forms to symbolize vigour, rebellion, passion and mortality. Right from getting a small skull drawing etched on your forearm to a prominent fiery one inked on your back, you can explore various options to highlight your shoulder, chest or back region.

  • Phoenix Tattoo:

A phoenix rising from the ashes is all about moving ahead in life despite stormy setbacks. You can get a graphic phoenix tattoo inked on your entire back or hand to symbolize new beginnings, transformation and potential.

  • Crown Tattoo:

A crown tattoo for men usually sends the message that you’re a king. You and your girlfriend/wife can get a matching couple tattoo together to celebrate your relationship as king and queen! This makes crown tats incredibly powerful symbols.

  • Scorpion Tattoo:

The scorpion tattoo is a powerful artwork that can echo your Scorpio horoscope or represent passion, intimidation, power and perseverance.

  • Meaningful Tattoo:

As contemporary people are often on the search for unique tattoos with a significant meaning, meaningful tattoos in various shapes, styles and sizes are in demand these days. You can opt for a quote, symbol or cool impression that touches your soul to express yourself through it distinctly.

  • Religious Tattoo:

Are you a religious person and a believer? If so, you can always go for a religious tattoo. You can go for an image of your worshipped God like Shiva, Durga, Buddha or Christ inked in a spectacular design. Or you can go for symbols like Trishul or Damaru as fantastic artwork.

Book an appointment at one of the top tattoo parlours in Kolkata to get a bold tattoo inked with perfection at cheap prices to mirror your dashing and dynamic persona trendily.

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