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best tattoo artist in kolkata

Want to get a vivid motif or minimalistic design inked? Well, tattooing is that body art that you must get professionally etched on your skin to mirror its true essence. Make an appointment with the best tattoo artist in Kolkata, linked with Lizard’s Skin Tattoos to get a unique tattoo design inked using clean and sanitized tools.

  • Niloy Das, the artist at the helm:

Having started as a part-time tattoo artist in 2010, Niloy Das has now emerged as a well-established and globally famous tattoo artist who has been successful in opening Kolkata’s biggest tattoo studio chain, Lizard’s Skin Tattoos. Now, recognized as a highly-skilled full-time tattoo artist, Niloy is the number one tattoo artist in India as well as in Kolkata for you to get any innovative design inked with exceptional precision.

  • Prithwiraj Acharya:

P3Raj is a well-known name in Kolkata’s tattoo industry who has introduced his own one-of-a-kind genre or trend in tattooing and now specializes in inking a versatile range of tattoos. You can expect this tattoo pro to read your mind and thoughts and poignantly express it on your skin by creating original artwork.

  • Sujit Mandi:

Tattooing being his life, Sujit Mandi loves working with the finest equipment and colors at Lizard’s Skin as he accurately inks eye-catching customized designs according to the aesthetic taste of clients. You can rely on this visionary tattoo artist with a passion for line work and silhouette genre to express yourself through his exquisitely inked motif.

  • Varun Janakiraman:

Focusing strictly on the quality and nature of his designs Varun masters in creating unique artworks that exhibit his individualistic artsy patterns. You can opt for abstract, sketchy or dotwork style in tattooing that he likes to do or choose any other desired design trend to speak your minimalistic or detailed story with the assistance of this insightful tattoo artist!

  • Saikat Mallick:

This experienced tattoo artist with a jolly face excels in bringing to life tattoos from various genres though realism and abstract remain his favorite concepts. You can trust this guy to get a prominent artwork etched on any preferred area with excellence, letting go of the slightest fears in his warm presence.

  • Samir Ghosh:

With a special knack for abstract realism and illustrative tattoos, Samir Ghosh of this reputed tattoo parlour possesses expertise in creating his own unique designs as per the client’s wishes. You’re sure to get a soothingly vibrant artwork inked when the needle falls in this guy’s hands!

  • Satish Nitin Dorwekar:

Having a special fondness for doing watercolor, abstract and black and gray tattoo styles, Satish excels in transforming any small or big idea into a captivating artwork with bright splashes of colors. You can consult with this soft-spoken tattoo artist hailing from a strong background in tattooing to express yourself through the creation of cheery tattoos on your skin by him.

  • Surajit:

A person of few words and a good listener, tattoo artist Surajit is passionate about abstract artwork as well as black and gray work. You can put forward your preferred design to get it precisely inked by Surajit so that the outcome is a brilliantly etched tattoo art that portrays your aesthetic outlook.

  • Angshuman Roy Chowdhury:

This sculptor turned skilled tattoo artist, commonly referred to as RC is a man of few words who is able to explain what he’s doing elaborately. Though Angshuman works with various styles in tattooing, he’s especially inclined towards dot-works, geometrical art as well as black and gray work. You can open up about your particular design expectations to this attentive tattoo artist to get it flawlessly inked by him.

  • Daksh:

Daksh considers himself to be artistically fluid. He can move from illustrative to watercolor, but realism is something he feels at home with. He loves to create designs from his wild imagination knowing the subject thoroughly from his clients. As he likes to put it, there is a little bit of him in all of his designs. No matter what, he pulls off art pieces that are not only artistic but also visually pleasing.

  • Saptarshi:

Saptarshi or as we call him ‘Rishi’, loved drawing since his childhood. His inclination toward creativity led him to many event management companies where he often found himself amongst creativity. Then at a point in time, he finally decided to take a shot at tattooing. Since then every ink on his hands led him to evolve into a competent tattoo artist. After exploring a lot of genres, Saptarshi finds watercolor and illustrative works to be his go-to styles.

  • Akshay:

Akshay could be one of the reasons why the term “The jack of all trades” was coined. He is not only extremely versatile but he manages to make every design unique. He hails from Indore and was always inclined towards tattooing. It was later in his life that he learned more about the craft. He enjoys tattooing every genre, but portraits and realism are his favourite styles to play with.

  • Tridha:

Tridha, the happy-go-lucky girl of the studio is a skilled artist. As one of the best skilled female tattoo artists in Kolkata, she had a keen interest in art since her childhood. Though she works on many genres Tridha’s forte is in line and dot work.

Visit Lizard’s Skin Tattoos to consult with the best tattoo artists in Kolkata to get your dream symbol, motif, artwork, pattern or image etched skillfully in the neat studio using sterilized equipment with full awareness of hygiene for your safety.

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