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top 10 tattoo studio in kolkata

Planning to get inked? Hesitant about making your decision for the final? Then, going through this will inspire you to get tattooed to showcase your individuality through body art. Step inside one of the top 10 tattoo studio in Kolkata to get a cool design etched by skilled professionals.

How hippies made tattoos more popular and accepted?

Long time back tattoos used to be associated with criminals only. But in the 1970s, the participants of the Hippie movement in America broke this notion by spreading peace and love through relevant impressions inked on their bodies to express their views against the Vietnam War. They especially opted for signs of peace or portrayed the flower power via this trendy practice which showed how the human body can be an excellent canvas.

Eye-catching hippie tattoo trends:

You can never fully understand what a hippie tattoo means unless you get one yourself. And we’ve listed below some fascinating hippie tattoo designs.

  • Inspiring star-shaped tattoos:

Get colorful tattoos inked that have a shape like stars and are full of bright colors and catchy motifs along with a few peace-loving words. This is a chic option for ladies.

  • Hippie girl image:

Admire the Hippie culture? Then, get a portrait of the fun-spirited hippie girl carved on your skin to enhance your liveliness.

  • Color-popping feather tattoo:

A vibrant feather is an awesome choice to get inked behind the ears, especially if you’re a woman. Get it now to soar on the wings of peace and harmony!

  • Prominent and pretty dragonfly:

As a girl looking for tattoos that echo hippie vibes, you can go for a big and beautiful dragonfly artwork on your back to reflect your peace-loving personality.

  • Hippie skull tat for guys:

Select a unique and edgy skull tattoo etched to show your fandom for the serene way of protesting.

  • Terrific guitar tattoo for girls:

As songs represented the life of the Hippie movement, it’s a great idea to get the image of a guitar depicting striking hues etched on your arms. You must definitely go for this if you’re a fan of the Beatles or the other musicians and bands who participated in Woodstock.

  • Cute flower symbol on the foot:

The flower is a classic peace sign that evokes the belief of the hippies. As a woman, who’s interested to get such an impression tattooed, you can opt for a lovely flower design in charming colors to be inked on your foot.

  • Super-cool hippie bus tattoo:

The hippie bus tat is extremely popular among tattoo lovers who appreciate the hippie lifestyle. Do get such a bus tattoo carved to represent freedom and a passion for traveling. Both men and women can choose this neutral design.

  • Hippie heart drawing for girls:

Want to show your fascination with the Hippie mindset? Then, we recommend that you go for a neat yet artistic heart image for tattooing on your hand, sleeve, or neck.

Book an appointment with the tattoo artist of your choice at the best tattoo studio in Kolkata to get any desired design inked with perfection!

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