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It can be confusing to choose a design for your tattoo when there are so many options flooding the Internet. But by following recent favorites of millennials on social media and the tendency to use innovative tats to express yourself, we’ve gathered all those symbols and images that the people in Kolkata are getting inked these days. Keep scrolling to discover them and explore their deeper meaning.

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  • Birds out of a cage:

Are you in full support of leading an independent life? Does freedom mean everything to you? Then, the portrait of birds flying out of a cage is something anyone can go for to symbolize that you’ve found your way out of an unfulfilling job, unhappy relationship, depression, or any such thing that was keeping you in a hopeless state. You can get this meaningful tattoo in black or brown ink on your upper arm.

  • A beautiful flower:

Universally loved by girls and women and at times, opted by men, a blooming flower is a great choice for tattoos to represent beauty, love, and youthfulness. Choose a medium-sized floral impression in red, pink, or other charming hues with a green stalk on any visible part of your body to catch all eyes with its pretty appeal.

  • Lord Ganesha:

A major God of the Hindus, the elephant-headed Ganesha is hailed to be an eliminator of obstacles and troubles. Famous even among Westerners, this unisex tattoo is an excellent selection to feel divinely protected. You can absolutely go for a large-sized Ganesha tattoo upholding auspiciousness to keep away evil.

  • Black Mandala:

Are you spiritually inclined? Then, whether you’re a man or woman, an elaborate Mandala design representing the never-ending life circle is something you can get etched on your shoulder. This detailed sketch will wonderfully showcase your deep connection with the universe.

  • Anchor and compass:

Anchor tats are classic designs that were originally popular among sailors. These are usually linked with stability, strength, and peace. When a compass is added to this, it becomes an indication that you’re seeking direction to steer your life. It can also echo your traveling spree or passion for adventure. Though the anchor tattoo is generally preferred by guys, ladies can go for them too!

  • Quotation tattoos:

Imagine how wonderful it would be to have inspiring quotes tattooed on your body. Words like “never stop dreaming”, “believe in yourself” and others that motivate you are just what you need to give yourself a push during down moments. So, no matter which age or gender you belong to, you should absolutely get quote tattoos carved to reflect your positive attitude and keep your spirits high.

  • Magical moon charm tat:

Looking for a tattoo design that’s small, meaningful and mystical? Then, choose a gorgeous crescent moon embellished with cute charms as a sign of good luck and amazing success in everything you do. Pick a neat design in shades of yellow, blue and violet and you can also include tiny hearts or other personal lucky charms with the moon image.

  • Zodiac tattoos:

Love the concept of sun signs? Then, show off the zodiac under which you were born by getting the symbol associated with it etched on the canvas of your body. Are you an Aries or Taurus? Then, get a colorful ram or bull design. Likewise, you can choose the impression of that symbol that represents your zodiac sign. Fun, right?

  • Religious tattoos:

Religious tats have become quite popular with boys and girls as each symbol carries significant meaning for them. As per your religious belief, you can decide on the inking. Go for cross patterns, OM, bodhi tree or any motif that holds sacred value to you.

    10) Feather tattoo:

Portraying qualities of free will and independence, beautiful feather designs in eye-catching watercolors look simply dreamy. Get them inked on your forearms or feet to uplift feelings of confidence, hope, and positivity.

Make an appointment with your favorite tattoo artist at a famous tattoo studio to get any desired design, lettering, patterns or artwork exquisitely carved using hygienic equipment.

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