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Tattoos are a bodyart that is designed for the purpose of self-expression. A recent study shows that around 22% of 540 people have at least a single tattoo etched somewhere. Each tattoo carries a unique message and that’s why so many of us love to try them out. Is it possible to learn about someone from their tattoos? Well, of course, certain things can be understood such as their preference for a particular genre of music or their mindset in general. Let’s dig deeper into this.

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  • Express yourself and your identity:

Tattoos are initially an artistic form of self-expression. Thus, a tattoo, when carefully chosen, will allow you to portray your identity. Many people go for meaningful tattoos that showcase a large portion of what they believe themselves to be. The date of your child’s birth or of such an important event or a picture to symbolize a big achievement of yours in any field are instances of expressing yourself by painting a portrait of your personality on your own body.

  • They speak uniqueness and individuality:

You’re a unique individual, just like others. And tattoos are a creative way to project what sets you apart and all those things that form your identity. From the artwork of your favorite bands, religious symbols that you can relate to, quotes, song lyrics, names of family members, and significant dates, you can choose any idea from the wide sea of options for tattooing.

Apart from displaying that you’re unique, tattoos create the perfect opportunity to start a conversation with others. And trust us, many people will feel interested to ask about your bodyart, especially if they’re done in a strikingly impressive ink. Thus, getting tats will increase your self-worth.

  • Embody a fearless attitude:

Taking risks don’t have to imply something reckless or negative. Having a strong and worry-free disposition can mean having the confidence required to do something that you were hesitant about before. The fact that you’re getting inked suggests that you’re a carefree person who doesn’t mind risks. Plus, it’s found that women with tattoos have high levels of extraversion than non-tattooed ones. Obviously, carrying an eagle, crown, wolf, owl, leopard, skull, sun or other bold impressions on your skin will inject in you a new spirit of courage, strength and fearlessness. So, there’s a high chance that getting a tattoo that represents bravery and strength will elevate your adventurous potential.

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