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Are you a travel enthusiast? Then, getting wanderlust tats inked is a superb way to tell your soul-stirring tales of adventure and navigation discoveries. This approaching holiday season, do visit the top tattoo shop in Kolkata to get fascinating travel tattoos etched by skilled tattoo artists.

  • Globe and compass:

An innovative portrait of a globe will stand for Asia and the drawing of a compass near it will show that you’re close to your home, no matter where you go. An arrow design alongside it is perfect to indicate that you’re jumping into something new and exciting.

  • Palm tree:

A beautiful palm tree motif etched on your arms is simply perfect to reflect your wonderful beach holiday! It not only will look pretty but also act as a reminder of the relaxing moments you cherished there.

  • Map tattoo:

Get the impression of a map inked to showcase your life’s goal of traveling the world as much as you can!

  • Inspiring travel quotes:

Do you often go on backpacking trips and international tours? Then, it’s an awesome idea to get the words “this heart of mine was made to travel the world” tattooed on your ribs!

  • GO”:

As wanderlust tats are all about exhibiting what you believe in, you can easily get the word “GO” tattooed on your forearm as a mantra that nothing can stop you from refreshing yourself by going on a leisurely vacation! You may ask your artist to put Earth’s design inside the “O” for a more meaningful effect.

  • A big colorful globe with motivating words:

Nothing can look more vibrant and noteworthy than a large tattoo of the globe with the quote “Home is where the heart is” etched below it. Get this tattooed on a visible area of your body to convey to everyone that you’re a globetrotter!

  • Mountain tree with the word “WILD” beside it:

Love to visit the mountains every year? Then, it’s a fantastic idea to get a pine, fir, cedar or some other coniferous tree inked on your hand with the word “WILD” tattooed near it to show that your heart lies in the hills!

  • An artsy image of a compass:

A prominent design of the compass is just the perfect tattoo to symbolize how much you wish to visit unexplored places you didn’t see before!

  • The word “Wanderlust”:

A fun tat symbol is to get “Wanderlust” etched on your arm followed by an arrow to exhibit that you’re always ready to travel!

  • “Let’s go” stringing from a plane:

Finally, to portray your obsession with traveling, you can get the words “let’s go” tattooed in a way that it is seen to be following the image of an airplane! Bon Voyage!

Come to an eminent tattoo shop in Kolkata to get enchanting travel tats inked with perfection in a clean studio to uplift your holiday mood and showcase your enthusiasm for traveling!

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