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wedding tattoo ideas

Wish to commemorate your special day on which you’ll tie the knot with your loved one? Looking for something unique and permanent for this purpose? Well, we’ve highlighted some of the coolest wedding tattoos that couples can definitely opt for to celebrate their love for each other. Visit a noted tattoo parlour in Kolkata with your fiancé to get an eye-catching wedding tattoo inked with perfection at affordable prices by the visionary tattoo experts there.

  • Simple heart drawings:

A simply etched heart with thin lines can look cute and romantic on the fingers of you and your beloved. Get these hearts drawn on the downward portion of your finger so that these won’t get hidden when you guys will wear your wedding rings.

  • Little triangles:

As geometric designs are the new cool in the world of tattooing and triangles in particular stand for balance and strength, you can get neat triangles inked on your and your special one’s wrist for symbolizing a forever union. These two lucky triangles will come together harmoniously when you’ll hold each other’s hands!

  • Adorable grounding anchors:

Matching impressions of a ship’s anchors on the inner side of your fingers will remind you two in a sweet way that both of you are like anchors for one another. This image is a wonderful idea to reflect your commitment subtly.

  • Chic ring frames:

Not in favor of wearing too many rings? Then, get your hands framed with tats of clear line patterns and flaunt them together by joining each other’s hands.

  • Dotted wedding date:

You can go for a creative approach by getting your wedding date inked in dots. At a quick look, it will resemble a plain geometric design, making it a perfectly fine choice if you prefer your tattoos to be ambivalent.

  • Bow and Arrow:

It’s not necessary that all tattoos for couples need to be identical. You can get something tattooed that combines together to make a whole. For instance, you can get a motif of a bow inked on your hand and an arrow on your beloved’s- to show that you complement each other.

  • Timeless wedding ring tattoo:

A simple tattoo exhibiting a band around your ring fingers is a contemporary and permanent alternative to the traditional wedding ring. Just take good care of your finger tattoo and avail frequent touch-ups to keep it fresh-looking.

  • Arrow finger bands:

A sweet and simple arrow design tattooed around your ring finger is another modern replacement for the wedding ring. Plus, these arrow bands have a really nice aesthetic appeal.

  • Lock and Key:

Get tiny portraits of a heart-shaped lock and a key tattooed separately on your hands to depict the message that only he can unlock your heart and thereby, he is the only one for you.

  • The words “Hold On”:

Getting this phrase identically inked is a cute way of expressing that this love is meant to be. This makes it an excellent couple’s tattoo to consider for your wedding purpose to display to the world that you two are better as a whole.

  • Small wavebands:

Tiny wave designs enclosing your ring fingers can be a fun wedding tattoo if both you and your partner share a similar love for the ocean. A tiny tattooed wave band looks delicate and unique and shows your common liking for adventure.

Arrive at one of the best tattoo parlours in Kolkata with your soon-to-be bride or groom to get exclusive wedding tattoos etched by tattoo specialists using clean and hygienic equipment.

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