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Feel like getting a tattoo inked this 2022? Well, let us give you an insight into the many new fun trends that have emerged this year which you simply can't miss out on! Right from fine minimalistic tattoos, tattoos with color splashes to abstract designs, a lot of super-trendy styles have become popular that you can surely try out to tell your story artistically through this ever-demanding decorative body art. Make sure to visit a renowned tattoo studio in West Bengal to get your favorite tattoo design inked with perfection by expert artists.

  • Old-Styled Butterflies:

We’ve noticed that timeless butterfly tattoos inspired by the ‘90s style have been trending recently. You can get an eye-catching butterfly tattoo in any shape or style flawlessly inked on any visible area of your body to showcase its aesthetic beauty and evident symbolism.

  • Abstract Designs:

Abstract tattoos are sure to capture everyone’s attention this 2022 due to their uniqueness and nonconformity to any specific ideology. If you feel like getting something contemporary etched, you can choose an innovative abstract design in black or gray or one in an array of colors to portray your free-thinking spree that’s not limited to any particular set of rules or beliefs. This abstract expression of art is a great choice to display to the world your individualistic approach and liberated thought pattern.

  • Colorful Artwork:

Popularized mainly by celebrities currently, colorful tattoos have witnessed a comeback this year. Overpowering the dominance of black and gray tats that were previously in demand, tattoos in pops of bright and bold shades are becoming a trend now. You can get a vibrant color tattoo inked with the assurance that its visual appeal will stay intact as long as you select a reliable tattoo artist and take proper care of it.

  • Dot-Work Tattoos:

In the mood to decorate yourself with a voguish tattoo? Then, you must keep watch for the latest dot-work trends that are coming up in a variety of exquisite styles. Be it animals, floral or any nature-inspired design, you can get any desired dot-work tattoo inked to uphold its stunning decor element and intricate details. This tattoo style has become an in-thing that you can also follow without any fear of the little details bleeding at the same time under the charge of a good artist.

  • Minimalist Designs:

Discreet and delicate minimalist tats are the new trendsetter this year as such tattoos with a fine outline or additional shading look cute and are easy to hide. If you’re not fond of bold designs or don’t want to spend too much time getting the tattoo placed, you can get such a minimalistic impression etched to depict your aesthetic refinement.

  • Spiritual Tattoos:

Right from mandala and hamsa to lotus designs and other religious symbols, spiritual tats are expected to make it big this year as such designs are closely associated with healing, harmony and positive energies. You can get a holy symbol inked to bring into your life peace and wellness.

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